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Character Information
Gender Male
Birthplace Earth
First Debut
English Aaron Dismuke
Japanese Takahiro Mizushima

Tanaka (田中 Tanakais a student at Babel. He first appeared as a weakling who constantly gets bullied by Kenya Onizuka.


After the fight with the Cockatrice, Akatsuki proceeded towards the control room to find Tanaka standing there. They began fighting and it was then that Tanaka's fighting abilities were shown. However, while Tanaka thinks he's down for the count, Akatsuki quickly gets up and blocked them with his Renkankei-kikou and re-materialized his sword. Tanaka attempted to bring down the building, but at that time the Student Council President, Kyouya, came in and froze him in a ice pillar.


Tanaka is typically seen wearing a coat-less BABEL school uniform.

Powers & Abilities

Tanaka uses the Wind Elemental magic, as evidenced by his quick agility and celerity.

Weapons & Equipment

He appears to fight using hand-to-hand techniques.

References & Notes

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