Ranking Battle Side Story-Another Sexy Version
Special 5
Episode Information
Aired January 20, 2013
Episode 5nd Special (Season 1)
Opening Theme Realization
Ending Theme Ai no Sei de Nemurenai
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Mixed Bath on the Shore Special 6

Mixed Bath on the Shore is the fifth special of season one.


During a ranking battle exam, Miu and other BABEL students were fighting against each other until a strange new monster that they didn't recognize appeared and started to shoot out dark purple slime on them. Haruka appeared and saved Miu while killing the creature. However, Miu and Haruka were cover in pink slime and fell down, not being able to move. Akatsuki later appeared and explained to the girls that the slime is poisonous and they will die if they don't remove their clothes as it is covered in slime and have Akatsuki use Renkankei-kikou on them to heal. However, the girls refuse as they know that Akatsuki will grope them, but Akatsuki forceful remove their clothes as the poison is getting worst. Miu and Haruka remain naked and helpless toward Akatsuki as they can't move and the latter used Renkankei-kikou to heal them by groping to their dismay. As Miu and Haruka were breathing heavy due to their healing, Akatsuki went to the other girls to heal to their dismay as they scream in fear. As Miu and Haruka watch, Haruka comment the slime are scary which Miu said that Akatsuki is more scary then the slime.