Mixed Bath on the Shore
Special 4
Episode Information
Aired January 20, 2013
Episode 4nd Special (Season 1)
Opening Theme Realization
Ending Theme Ai no Sei de Nemurenai
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Mixed Bath on the Shore is the fourth special of season one.


The episode starts with Miu, Chikage, and Kuzuha relaxing in a hot water spring that Chikage and Kuzuha formed to escape from the trouble that Akatsuki caused during a beach game. While relaxing, Chikage removed her bikini outfit to relax more and forcefully remove Miu bikini to her dismay. Kuzuha choice not to remove her swimsuit as it will get wet, during the bathing, Chikage sneak up on Miu and grope her as a way to bond closer to Miu closer. As Chikage was getting closer to Miu private, the two girls were shock to see Akatsuki came in and grope both of them. Chikage ask how he broke through her water defense, but Akatsuki decided to grope them even harder by using Renkankei-kikou to remove their "stress." The two girls refuse, but end up getting aroused by the effect and pass out.

Akatsuki decided to give the same treatment to Kuzuha, who the latter try to escape. Miu and Chikage regain their strength and try to attack Akatsuki, but Akatsuki went behind them and flip them over to Kuzuha. Akatsuki got annoyed because their stress is back and decided to use the treatment double time on them to their dismay.