Bound By the "Holy Water"
Special 3
Episode Information
Aired January 20, 2013
Episode 3nd Special (Season 1)
Opening Theme Realization
Ending Theme Ai no Sei de Nemurenai
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Be a Grown Woman Mixed Bath on the Shore

Bound By the "Holy Water" is the third special of season one.


After getting tired of Akatsuki's perverted ways, Haruka bought a hard to remove underwear and asked Minami to wear with her to stop Akatsuki. Despite not wanting to, Minami gave in, and the two girls end up wearing the underwear. As Haruka laughed knowing that Akatsuki wouldn't strip them, Minami break down in pain, as she has to go pee. Haruka freak out as she lost the key to open the underwear and was worried about Minami as she couldn't hold it. Akatsuki appeared to them and was inform what happen, which Akatsuki used Renkankei-kikou to make the two girls wanting to pee so that no one is embarrassed. After they pee, Akatsuki promised to keep it a secret between them until Haruka was furious and hit Akatsuki.