A New Battle Suite
Special 1
Episode Information
Aired January 20, 2013
Episode 1nd Special (Season 1)
Opening Theme Realization
Ending Theme Ai no Sei de Nemurenai
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n/a Be A Grown Woman?

A New Battle Suit is the first special of season one.


The episode starts when Miu and Kuzuha Doumoto were training in BABEL training hall. However, Miu is displeased with her revealing outfit due to her AB. Kuzuha asked Miu if she could change the outfit through her self-consciousness which Miu tried, but her outfit became even more erotic through maid, nurse, and bunny outfit which Miu dislike as she knows Akatsuki would harasser her sexual. Chikage later appeared and was inform about Miu situation which she realized that Miu self consciousness is corrupted by Akatsuki perverted habit and told Miu to not think about him at all. Miu follow Chikage and concerted hard without thinking about Akatsuki, which her true outfit revealed. However, this outfit turn into a S&M outfit which the two girls realized that Miu really wanted to be "tied down" by Akatsuki to Miu dismay.