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Sleipnir 1
is a supernatural motorcycle kept by JPN Babel.


A supersonic motorcycle, made ​​of "Orichalcum," with a maximum power of 16,770,000 horsepower, which can easily break the sound barrier.

Sleipnir has a kind of protection against those unworthy of riding it, which releases an electrical discharge that can stun, injure, or (in the case of Haruka Nanase) strip someone.

At first, Akatsuki was shocked by it, but when the mechanic stated the only one that was worthy was his father, he took it as a challenge and succeeded. It is used in the fight against the dragon form of Phil Barnett.



  • Sleipnir, in Norse mythology, is the eight-legged horse belonging to OdinIt can supposedly run faster than the wind, and can go anywhere in Heaven, Earth, and Hell.
  • "Sleipnir" also means slippy, or the slipper in Old Norse.
  • "Orichalcum " is also a legendary precious metal that was mentioned by Plato as used in Atlantis . It also appears in many other places in classical Greek and Roman writings (for example, the Homeric Hymns assign gold and orichalcum ornaments to Aphrodite ).