Norn Screening is the name given to the used by BABEL to determine the past, present, and the future history of the alternative world returnees newly enrolled in the academy. Using elemental magic, the Norn Screening acquires the abilities of the three Norse goddesses of fate: Urðr who decides the past, Verðandi who decides the present, and Skuld who decides the future. However, the content of Norn Screening does not take the examinee’s life in the form of detailed timeline, but uses poems divided into three sections to roughly show the examinee’s history.

Since there is no absolute in the future history (the examinees may embark on another path through their own will), the result of Norn Screening only shows the future with the highest probability of occurring.

It is the Norn Screening that reveals Akatsuki as a “True Hero.”


  • In Norse Mythology, the Norns are three divine sisters ruling over destiny and keepers of Yggdrasil.