Miu Ousawa
鳳沢 美兎
Ōsawa Miu
Alias(es) Myuu
Official Title Daughter of the Demon King
Character Information
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Weapon Holy Tin
Birthplace Alayzard
Family Galious (Father)
Unnamed Mother
Level Class A

Class B (Formerly)

First Debut
Manga Goodbye, Alayzard
Anime New Game Plus
English Felecia Angelle
Japanese Yōko Hikasa

Miu Ousawa (鳳沢 美兎 Ōsawa Miu), also known as "Myuu", is the daughter of the demon king (魔王の娘 Maō no Musume) and the main female protagonist of the series. She currently attends JPN Babel, along with the majority of other characters. In order to enter the school, she pretends to be Akatsuki Ousawa's long lost sister, "Miu" Ousawa. Miu Ousawa is the only daughter of the Demon King, Galious and a Dark Elf until her father was killed by Akatsuki and went with him to his world through her father's wish.


Miu is a young girl of average height. She has pink hair, which she normally ties into two "twintails" and green eyes. She generally wears either her standard school uniform, school gym clothes, pajamas, or the cloth generated by her AD. The only other clothes she is known to wear at this stage are her underwear. When she was younger she had dark colored skin like any other Dark Elf, but as she got older her skin grew lighter


Miu has a strong and quiet nature, as she can be hostile toward Akatsuki if he has done something to aggravate her, but generally treats him fairly. Miu is saddened by the death of her father, but understand his wishes well as she join Akatsuki for that reason.


Miu was born in Asmodian by her father, Galious and her unnamed mother, a Dark Elf. During her childhood, Miu had a good relationship with her father despite her father being the enemy of Alayzard and trying to take over the world. During one point, Galious told Miu to promise him that when a hero slayed him, that she will follow him, but if she didn't like him, she could kill him. Miu understood and agree to her father request. During the final battle, Miu met Akatsuki Ousawa for the first time and led him to her father through his request for their final battle, which ended by her father death and following Akatsuki back to his world, Earth.


Introduction arc

Myuu was knocked unconscious, striped, and put inside of a bag by Akatsuki so he could use his Renkankei-kikou to trick the Gate of Another World into believing that they are the same person. After being taken to Earth, Myuu woke up became hostile toward Akatsuki as she was confused at the new world. As Akatsuki try to calm Myuu down, he was shocked to hear her name as her name resemble to his dead sister, Miu which he used this to convince everyone that she is his long lost sister. Akatsuki later explain Miu about his world and BABEL, as the government, COCOON will end up coming to them for questions, but told Miu to relax as he got it handle.

After entering BABEL along with Miu as his sister, Akatsuki and Miu were ordered to do some writing and physical test to determined their rank in class.

Class B arc

Ranking Wars arc

Return to Alayzard arc

Akatsuki the Demon King arc

Powers and Abilities

Miu has an extremely high level of magical skill, being able to generate shield magic without any effort, and also use multiple magic (from different elements) at one time and in rapid succession. She seems to favor using air elemental magic as most of her magic circles appear green in color. She is skilled at using magic, being able to easily knock out a teacher in the first episode, using simultaneous magics of differing elements. She also has a dark power that we see her using in the second episode, likely due to her nature as at least part demon.

Miu has been observed using the following magic powers:

  • Shield Magic: Miu generates a green magic circle in front of her to absorb attacks.
  • Water Magic: Miu puts her hand out and generates a large, blue magic circle. From it, a powerful stream of water rushes out. The strength of it was enough to throw a combat teacher back into a wall, causing a large dent in the structure.
  • Myuu wind magic
    Wind Magic:
    Most likely a basic skill of air magic (Miu's preferred choice of magic), Miu puts one or both of her hands out in front of her and creates a green magic circle. From this, a massive cyclone of wind is blasted out in whichever direction the circle is pointing. The wind is strong enough to knock back a Cockatrice and send an average-sized human flying over a long distance.
  • Lightning Magic: A kind of wind magic, Miu generates a green magic circle in the air, and from it casts down a powerful lightning bolt. A single bolt was powerful enough to not only completely knock out a weakened teacher, but also require that he have medical attention.
  • Dark Flames: A mysterious power that Miu has not shown the full capacity of. It differs from most magics, since there is no magic circle involved. Miu is capable of filling her hand with these black and purple flames. She has never used them in combat, but her actions in generating them showed that she believed they could kill Akatsuki Ousawa, even after she witnessed his strength. This power can likely be attributed to her demonic heritage.
  • Inherited Technique: A type of magic Miu received from her father, the Demon King, which is invoked via an orange magic circle. It appears to involve imbuing her own body with magical power, and then rechanneling that power into the form of a spear/halberd-type weapon composed entirely of magic. Miu was able to use this weapon to wound a celestial being which had previously proven itself immune to direct magical attack, an accomplishment which hints at her own power and that of the technique.

Weapons & Equipment

  • Holy Tin: Miu's AD takes the form of a staff with an elaborate head. So far she has only been shown using it as a blocking weapon. It is assumed this staff can aid Miu's magic as well.
  • Sword: Miu chose a basic sword during her first combat exam. But she did not use it at all, so she passed the exam using magic instead. 


Light Novel Version

In the alternative world of Alayzard, under the intertwined tragedies, the Princess’s happiness has been deprived,

You, who lost everything, only a thorn infested trial remains.


The current you bathed among the gentle wind,

The gentle wind will become a storm, and call forth other companions.


Loneliness will always follow behind you like a shadow,

Whether you will be alone, the choice belongs to you. Whether you will be isolated, the choice belongs to your partner.

Manga Version

In the world called Alayzard, the princess' joy was stolen within the spiral of loneliness.

For you who have lost everything, only a road of thorns was left to thread on.


Now, with you in the current world, a tender wind blows at your side.

Soon, the wind will become a storm, bringing forth a variety of new allies.


From behind you, isolation and loneliness will always follow. It all depends on you if loneliness will encompass you.

It all depends on your peers if you'll become aloof.


鳳沢 美兎『はぐれ勇者の鬼畜美学(エステティカ)』PV

鳳沢 美兎『はぐれ勇者の鬼畜美学(エステティカ)』PV

References and Notes

  • Miu has notably large breasts, so big they often break the buttons on her uniform or bra, and large enough that they leave an opening on her gym clothes, through which her cleavage is visible. Miu has been noted as being attractive by several characters.
  • It can be assumed from her choice of the weapon that Miu has some experience with a sword.
  • Miu's AD outfit is based on her self-consciousness. In the ova, it was revealed that her self-consciousness was corrupted by Akatsuki's perverted habit towards her.