Minami Aihara
Minami Aihara
哀原 美奈巳
Aihara Minami
Official Title Treasurer of Student Council
Character Information
Gender Female
Weapon Liuxing Chui
Birthplace Earth
First Debut
Anime Holy Water Bond
English Mandy Lane
Japanese Ayana Taketatsu

Minami Aihara (哀原 美奈巳 Aihara Minami) is the Treasurer of the Student Council.


Minami Aihara has long brown hair and brown eyes, and is typically seen wearing the traditional female BABEL uniform.


Minami appears as a quiet and calm person, as whenever Akatsuki does something crazy or perverted, she would remind calm and focus. However, when the situation calls for it, she will get serious and fight.


At some point, Minami was summon to a new world and came back with new abilities and skills. She later enroll to BABEL high school and join the Student Council group.


Powers and Abilities

Minami specializes in using various types of Earth elemental magic.

Weapons & Equipment

Minami's weapon of choice is a Liuxing Chui, a double-headed chain weapon, with a mace at one end, and a three-pointed blade at the other. 

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