Loutier Trum
Ruthie Trum
Official Title Chief of Sherfield's Elite Forces
Character Information
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Weapon Staff
Birthplace Alayzard
First Debut
Anime A Crude Panic on the Beach!
English Anastasia Munoz
Japanese None

Loutier Trum (ルーティエ Ruthie Trum) is the best elf mage in Sherfield, and part of Leon's (later Akatsuki's) group during the war against the Demon King Galious.


Loutier wear a mage body armor from Sherfield's army, and has long silver hair with pointy ears, and purple eyes.


Not much is known about Loutier, but she, along with Zechs were very loyal towards Leon during the war and were depressed when they lost him. Like Risty, Loutier blamed Akatsuki for Leon's death, but quickly forgave him when Akatsuki came back to avenge Leon's death. Loutier is shown to have a quiet, calm and serious personality.


During the war against the Demon King of Asmodian, Galious. Loutier, along with her leader Leon form an army to stop the Demon King. However, one day, an ordinary person, Akatsuki came to their world Alayzard through a summon. Leon tried to get Akatsuki back to his world back as it was dangerous in Alayzard. However, Garius's army came and raided Erdia, the royal city of Sherfied. Loutier was saddened when Leon died during the battle, and didn't help Akatsuki when he was blamed for Leon's death. After Akasuki came back from training in the Divine World, having learnt the Renkan Keikikou, he saved the group in Erdia when they were into a tight spot. From then on, Loutier and her group decided to join forces with Akasuki to stop the Demon Lord. After defeating the Demon King, Zechs and Loutier took Akatsuki to the lost forest to guide him back to Earth without telling Risty.


Ranking Wars arc

Return to Alayzard arc

Akatsuki the Demon King arc

Powers & Abilities

Not much is known about Loutier's abilities, but she is considered one of the best mages in Sherfied. As an elf, Loutier has strong magical abilities.

Weapons & Equipment

  • Magic staff

References & Notes