Kenya Onizuka
鬼塚 剣哉
Kenya Onizuka
Alias(es) Mad Dog
Character Information
Gender Male
Weapon Chakram
Birthplace Earth
Level Class A (Former)

Class B

First Debut
Manga Chapter 3
Anime Holy Water Bond
English Cris George
Japanese Hideo Ishikawa
Kenya Onizuka (鬼塚 剣哉 Onizuka Kenyais a problem student who was demoted from Class A to Class B.


Kenya is a very cocky boy who, on the first day of Akatsuki Ousawa and Miu Ousawa's arrival at Babel, attempted to terrorize them. He got pummeled with little effort by Akatsuki who stated that he also likes to bully weaklings, especially weaklings who look down on other weaklings. Kenya is able to use fire elemental magics and used it on Akatsuki during combat training, before the berserk Cockatrice appeared, as a form of revenge, only to get beaten by Akatsuki very easily. He too had rewritten the data of the Cockatrice to get revenge against Akatsuki, exploited to Tanaka.

During Babel's Ranking Tournament, he stood up in front of Phil Barnett, who was chasing after Miu, and made several mirages of himself, but he was later defeated in a blow by Phil.


Kenya Onizuka is a young fellow, perhaps almost reaching the age of 20. He has crimson eyes, hair, and even eyebrows. Being buff as he may look it in his training uniform, he's not as tall as Akatsuki nor as powerful. His three clothing pairs he was shown wearing are his Babel uniform, his training uniform, and when he fought Phil Barnett, he wore a collared red, black, and white shirt.

Powers and Abilities

  • Fire Magic: Kenya is capable of using fast fire strikes like when he battled Akatsuki, he engulfed Akatsuki in a tower of flame which obviously had no effect but what would normally be lethal. Against Phil Barnett, he also created mirages of himself so he couldn't be hit or not be hit easily since there were so many of him. They could also turn into fireballs and strike the opponent all at the same time, making it very hard for the opponent to escape.

Weapons & Equipment

During the fight (before the Cockatrice appeared) between Akatsuki and Kenya, Kenya showed off his AD weapon. It was two 12-sided, crimson chakrams with white lining the edge.

References and Notes

  • The fact could be implied that he could be assisted by his chakrams in controlling his fire techniques; i.e. when he hurled red spheres at Akatsuki, however, they were easily blocked.