Gouki Ousawa
凰沢 鋼毅
Ōsawa Gōki
Alias(es) World's Strongest
Official Title Leader of Scarlet Dusk (former)
Character Information
Gender Male
Age n/a
Weapon Sleipnir (former)
Birthplace Earth
Family Akatsuki Ousawa (Youngest son)
Sakuya Ousawa (Oldest son)
First Debut
Manga None
Anime None
English None
Japanese None

Gouki Ousawa (凰沢 鋼毅 Ōsawa Gōki) is the father of Sakuya, Akatsuki, and Miu, and the founder of the terrorist group Scarlet Dusk.


Gouki has a strong resemblance to his son Akatsuki, as both of them are tall young man, with messy long dark hair and blue eyes, with the only difference being Gouki's beard. He wears a combat suit.



Gouki was a regular dad until he was taken to another world. He got more power than usual and started Scarlet Dusk.


Powers and Abilities

Gouki is known to be physically strong as he out strength his own son in a fist at a young age. He can just use his thoughts alone to cause weaker people to submit to his will in a mind-control like state. He can just think "fall down" and a bunch of Class-A BABEL students would just fall.

Weapons & Equipment

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