The Cockatrice

The Cockatrice is a creature that was used by the combat instructors at JPN BABEL for the students to train with.


The Cockatrice is a creature that the teachers at JPN BABEL use to train the students in using their magic and weapons, as well as learn new tactics. Generally easy to defeat due to it's regular pattern, where students use long range magic to attack and others use close combat weapons when an opening occurs. Most students dislike the Cockatrice because of how easy it is to defeat.

When Kenya Onizuka changed the settings in the control room for the Cockatrice one day during practice to get revenge against Akatsuki Ousawa, the Cockatrice proved to be more than any of the students could handle, even proving tough for the demon king's daughter, Miu. However, after attaining enough ADs to summon his weapon Laevateinn, Akatsuki was able to defeat the Cockatrice, and thus turn everyone who had been turned to stone from it's petrify ability, back to normal.


The Cockatrice is seen being a large, colorful bird-like creature, with yellow-golden feathers across it's body, red feathers along it's wings, and blue tipped red feathers atop it's head. It has a long, serpent-like tail, three sharp talons on each of it's feet, and an almost dragon-like head.

Powers and Abilities

  • Petrified

    Chikage and Kuzuha petrified by the Cockatrice

    Petrification - It's deadliest ability, the Cockatrice is able to petrify living creatures by shooting out it's feathers and sticking them with said feathers, thus turning whoever got struck into stone; as seen when Chikage Izumi and Kuzuha Doumoto protected Miu, and again when Akatsuki's left arm was turned to stone upon being struck by a feather.
  • Magic Absorption - It was seen that the Cockatrice was absorbing the magic used on it, and thus grew in both power and size.



  • A Cockatrice is a mythical beast, born from an egg hatched by a chicken (most commonly a rooster) and incubated by a toad, and its gaze causes instant petrification.