Alayzard (アレイザード Areizādo) is another world that exists separately from Earth. It consists of four different realms. The most notable of these realms would likely be the demons and dark elves, due to their recent attempt to make all of Alayzard their own. Like Earth, Alayzard has several different countries, the most commonly mentioned being Sherfied. Thus far, however, few others have been mentioned in detail.

Alayzard was once invaded by the Demon King, Galious and his army, and the Asmodian Clan, which is all types of Demons. The Hero, Leon and the rogue hero Akatsuki fought the Demon King and won. Currently, Alayzard is healing and rebuilding from the war, and trying to find and kill the Demon King's daughter, Myuu.


Alayzard is physically similar (as in the environment) to the Earth that Akatsuki came from, but has major differences, such as its two moons, and its fantastical races (dragons, elves, etc). The current time period is similar in appearance to the High Middle Ages, barring the fantastical elements.

Known Locations


Sherfied is a peaceful kingdom blessed with magic and mighty warriors. The current ruler of Sherfied is Risty, who fought in the war against Galious. Sherfied has many cities, and its capital is the royal city Erdia, which was fought over by Galious and the death place of Leon.


Asmodian is the realm of Demons and darkness. It was once ruled by the Demon King, Galious, and started a war against the other kingdoms for the revenge of his dead lover, and to make a better world for his daughter. But the Demon King was slayed by Akatsuki and currently, Asmodian is without a king.

List of characters from this world

  • Balaam Dai Aron Disdia
  • Volk Rem Aleclasta IV
  • Miranda Quenti

Sherfied Kingdom

Disdia Empire

Aleclasta Empire



  • Alayzard is the most visited realm out of any of the other tens or so alternate worlds mentioned to exist in the series, besides Earth.
  • Alayzard is connected to what's known as the Divine World (Shinsoukai, lit. God's Level), a higher dimension above Alayzard in which gods live, and Akatsuki managed to get into (nearly at the cost of his life), and learned how to use the Renkankei-kikou from Granseiz.